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Soul Food for Slow Food

Black Coffee Organics produces a range of organic products for farm and garden. Growing slow food organically means special attention must be given to the health of your soils and the health of your plants. Life on this planet is a war between good and evil and organic production epitomises this. Our products include probiotic infused effective micro-organism solutions, probiotics, worm tea and vermi-compost for the discerning organic farmer.

We use organic sugar, organic rice, Himalayan salt and ground water to make our probiotic. We use our probiotics and raw, organic milk and molasses to make our probiotic effective micro-organism solution. We use our probiotics, effective micro-organism solution, free-range manure, coffee grains and organic vegetable waste to produce the food we feed to our worms who produce our vermi-compost for us. Our worm hives are built from discarded car tyres, which would otherwise have landed up who knows where.

Every recipe or process that we use to make our products is available on our website, so you can make it yourself or purchase from us. All our products come with detailed instructions. We provide links to other sites and also blog from time to time, in fact, we hope that this site will become a go-to resource for everyone interested in delving deeper into the world of organics.

Our Products

Activated Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe Solution (IM)

Organic farming and gardening is all about soil and plant health. Healthy soils promote healthy plants and healthy plants resist attach. Activated Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe Solution is a lactic acid bacteria ferment which you add to your soil and spray on foliage for healthy soils and plants. One litre can be added to as much as 10 000 litres of water, depending on dispensing system. R90/litre plus courier costs. Volume pricing on request. Can be extended by between 20 and 100 times.

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Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe Fermented Plant Extract (FPE)

FPE is produced by fermenting plant material in a lactic acid bacteria ferment to break down plant fibres, resulting in an enzyme-rich mixture of bacterial which makes the nutrients and other beneficial properties contained in the plant accessible to your garden plants or crops. FPE is applied to the root zone or as a foliar spray, benefitting the plant and increasing soil health. We make a range of FPEs for specific purposes. R90/litre plus courier costs. Volume pricing on request.

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Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbe•5 Solution (IM•5)

Pro-Biome Indigenous Microbes•5 is an all-natural pesticide made from extracts of plants with known pesticide properties, alcohol and apple cider vinegar. Successful prophylactic or pre-emptive programmes involve alternating the application of IM•5 with IM and FPE on a weekly basis. In the event of a disease or pest outbreak, daily applications of IM•5, alternating with IM and FPE over a period of 14 days is recommended. R90/litre plus courier costs. Volume pricing on request.

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Other Products
Black Coffee Organics

Vermicompost: Organic farming and gardening is all about organic matter in your soil. Vermicompost is said to be 12 times more effective than ordinary compost. Sold in 10 and 20 kg bags. R15.00 per kg plus courier costs. Bulk pricing on request.

Bran Bokashi: Lactic bacteria and yeast-infused bran which converts food waste into compost. Sold in 5 litre buckets at R300/5 litre bucket plus courier costs. Volume pricing on request.

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